Welcome to the Ipek Law Office Website.

This web site is provided solely for information purposes. The contents of this site are only related to contact information, our associates and main practice areas.

The contents and the layout of this website is designed in compliance with the Professional Rules and the Regulation on Prohibition of Advertising, published by Turkish Bar Association, and in parallel with the Code of Conduct for Lawyers in the European Union.

Ipek Law Office, founded in 1988, mainly focuses on commercial and corporate law, commercial and fiscal criminal law, product liability, protection of consumers, administrative and taxation law. Our Office provides legal consultancy services, as well as dispute resolution services.

Our office cooperatetes with Turkish attorneys and law firms in Ankara, Antalya ve Adana in Turkey and in Germany, United States of America (Los Angeles), United Kingdom, Poland and Ukraine.

Ipek Law Office provides high quality and affordable legal services to domestic, foreign and multi-national companies. We believe in the necessity of attorney – client privacy, and that the trust between the attorney and the client is the key element for representation. For this purpose, we provide all information regarding the legal services rendered by our office to our clients, before and after a legal step is taken.

Our office and colleagues keep themselves up-to-date with the amendments to the legislation, the jurisdictions of the Court of Appeal, and decisions/directives of the governmental and European Union institutions. Thanks to close relations with the Universities and individually the scientists, the experience and knowledge of our office on the practice areas continuously improve.

We are fully committed to professionalism and to the Rules of Istanbul Bar Association and the Union of Turkish Bar Associations.